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Money Saving Tips

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Use coupons when shopping to put savings towards your vacation

Cook at home and save money from not eating out

Keep a change jar to put spare change in

Use points from a credit card that offers Disney points

Use a Target RedCard to purchase Disney gift cards at a 5% discount to pay for all things Disney including your resort, parking, shopping, and eating (They offer a debit card version which is tied to your existing checking account for those that do not want a credit card)

Purchase needed items ahead of time (i.e. I purchased disposable ponchos for $10 from Amazon but they were $10 each in the parks.)

Don't forget to pack essentials such as hygiene items or even over the counter medication you may need (Many of these items can be purchased in the shops on site but at a much higher cost.)

Bring snacks to eat in between meals

Pack lunches to bring to the parks

Use a refillable water bottle instead of purchasing drinks in the parks

When purchasing drinks, purchase a refillable mug

Purchase quick meals instead of table meals

Consider food like pizza instead of individual meals for a more affordable option to feed multiple people

Purchase individual meals instead of a dining plan (If you think you will eat everything that comes on a dining plan, it does save a little bit of money, but trust me when I say it is a lot of food. Our first trip we felt obligated to eat what we paid for and thus the result was feeling sluggish and bloated while experiencing the parks on hot days that involved a lot of walking. Ugh. From that point forward, we only purchased food when we were hungry and did not spend as much as on the dining plan.)

You can stay off site to save money on lodging (but I really discourage this because you miss out on so many perks and conveniences by doing this but in the cases of large parties, this may be a favorable option.)

Keep an eye out on current specials (Disney is often coming out with new specials. If it is a better package, you can possibly update your package to reflect the better price, but you must be quick because only a certain amount of rooms are allotted for each special.)

Travel during off seasons

Save money on tickets by planning a resort and rest day (There are usually activities at each resort, not to mention the pools!)

Consider the type of room you book such as preferred or standard. (If you don't mind walking, a standard room will save money, but if you want to be close to food and transportation, then a preferred room is better.)

Consider the type of resort you would like to stay in. (i.e. Value resorts at Disney may have more traffic whereas a moderate resort like French Quarter is quieter with less people. For Universal, if you want to use Unlimited Express Passes, you definitely want a Premier Resort. While the cost is higher per night, it includes the Universal Express Pass and it is more expensive to stay in a Value Resort and purchase the Universal Express Passes separately.)

Take your own photos instead of purchasing the memory maker at Disney

Bring your own portable charger instead of buying / renting in the parks

Give your kids a set budget (An easy way to do this is give them a gift card with a preloaded amount on it)

Set your own budget and stick to it!

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